Ceramic Ultrafiltration Systems


Ceramic Membrane Systems

CrossTek offers ceramic ultrafiltration systems for the toughest industrial water & wastewater applications.



CrossTek can offer a wide variety of membrane types and configurations as we can work with many membrane suppliers.


Experience Counts

CrossTek has more than 50 years of experience in ceramic membrane products, processes and systems.  

DT and ST RO Systems

DT and ST RO Membrane Systems for the most difficult applications


CrossTek's Aquazoom RO systems can be used on feeds with elevated levels of organics and suspended solids., much higher than conventional RO membrane modules.  Further, the DT and ST modules can treat feedstreams at pressures up to 1,740 psi for enhanced concentration and water recovery.

Systems are automated with Clean-in-Place capability


Integration of Aquazoom RO systems is easy due to simplicity in system design.

Systems are offered with Aquazoom's ST++ modules.


For higher flow systems, CrossTek can offer the ST++ modules which increase treated flow rate, reduce module pressure drop, and minimize system footprint.