Why buy AquaZoom™ DT Modules?


Features you want. Benefits you need.

CrossTek’s line of AquaZoom™ DT modules provide significant benefits to system suppliers and end users. The well-established, open feed channel design provides reliable operation with minimal pretretment on contaminated feedstreams with high COD levels, much higher than conventional spiral wound RO modules. Fluids with silt density indices (SDI’s) much higher than the standard rating of 5, which is the limit for standard RO membrane modules, can be processed with these modules. Further, the high-pressure rating allows the concentration of fluids beyond what standard RO membranes can do, providing the opportunity to reduce residual volumes and related disposal or post-RO treatment costs.  


Experience in Your Applications

AquaZoom™ DT modules have been used for years in leachate decontamination and brine concentration applications worldwide. We have over 45 references for the AquaZoom DT technology supporting its capabilities in the real world over the last 10 years. If you want a DT module for your application, use the one that others have relied on for years to meet their needs.   

Why buy AquaZoom™ ST Modules?


Advanced Technology for Tough Applications

The AquaZoom™ ST module technology is the most advanced RO technology for highly contaminated feedstreams. This patented membrane module technology has much greater surface area and a proprietary feed spacer technology allowing it to operate on feedsteams that conventional spiral wound modules cannot. Others claim to offer spacer tube RO modules but CrossTek is the only company in the world supplying the original Rochem Spacer Tube Module® technology that allows for more forgiving influent specifications and smaller, less expensive systems.


Used in the Real World

We have more than 77 references in which our ST module technology is used, mainly in leachate and brine treatment. If you are ready to move to the most advanced RO membrane module technology for demanding applications, please contact us to discuss how we can help you.