Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)



Environmental Contribution
Social Contribution
Governance Contribution

Environmental Contribution

  • Resource Conservation: Crosstek Membrane technology enables the efficient use of resources by minimizing waste and optimizing material usage. This reduces the environmental impact associated with manufacturing processes.
  • Energy Efficiency: The technology facilitates the development of energy-efficient membranes, which can reduce energy consumption in various applications such as water treatment, filtration, and separation processes. Lower energy requirements lead to reduced greenhouse gas emissions and a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Water Conservation: Crosstek Membrane technology is often used in water treatment and purification systems, aiding in the conservation and preservation of water resources. It enables the removal of contaminants and pollutants, making water suitable for reuse or safe discharge.

Social Contribution

  • Clean Water Access: Crosstek Membrane technology plays a vital role in providing access to clean and safe drinking water, particularly in areas where clean water sources are limited or contaminated. This technology helps improve public health and well-being by reducing waterborne diseases and improving sanitation.
  • Healthcare Applications: Although not a current market for Crosstek,  membrane technology has applications in medical and healthcare fields, including drug delivery systems, tissue engineering, and blood purification processes. These advancements contribute to improved healthcare outcomes and better quality of life for individuals.
  • Employment and Innovation: The development and implementation of Crosstek Membrane technology create job opportunities and foster innovation within the materials science and engineering sectors. This contributes to economic growth and societal development.

Governance Contribution

  • Compliance and Safety: Crosstek Membrane technology adheres to stringent quality and safety standards, ensuring the reliability and performance of membrane-based products. Compliance with regulatory frameworks and best practices strengthens corporate governance and risk management.
  • Transparency and Accountability: Companies utilizing Crosstek Membrane technology can showcase their commitment to ESG principles by promoting transparency and accountability in their operations. This includes disclosing information about the environmental impact of their products and manufacturing processes.


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