CrossTek Selected as Award Finalist!

CrossTek will be presenting its advanced AquaZoom RO technology at Aquatech China in the China BlueTech™ Innovation Pavilion.

What CrossTek Offers

CrossTek produces and sells AquaZoom™ RO membrane modules

CrossTek Membrane Technology has acquired the disc tube and spacer tube reverse osmosis module product lines from Nanostone™ Water and Sepro™ Membrane (now Solecta™).  We have been successfully producing and distributing the disc tube and spacer tube RO modules from our facility near Boston, MA in the USA.

CrossTek™ has the industry leading AquaZoom™ industrial RO technology to meet your water treatment needs.

AquaZoom Disc Tube (DT) membrane modules have been used for years in landfill leachate treatment and brine concentration applications worldwide.  

The AquaZoom™ Spacer Tube (ST) module is the most advanced RO technology available for highly contaminated feedstreams.

The AquaZoom RO module technology has been in use for more than 30 years with over 120 installations, both land-based and offshore, in the last 10 years alone!


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