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Since its beginnings in 2016 Crosstek’s membrane products evolved to a leading offering for industrial ESG, enabling customers to implement water reuse and displace freshwater intake, with higher reliability and ultimately, lower total cost of ownership for the plant operator.


PRODUCTS: zNano super-hydrophilic zUF and same coating applied to proven AquaZoom and Spinovo NF & RO membranes in spiral and disc formats. 5 commercial products, 9 issued patents.

AquaZoom® RO Modules

AquaZoom® Disc Tube RO

AquaZoom® Spacer Tube
RO Membrane

AquaZoom® ST Lite
RO Membrane

Ultressa® zUF
Hydrophilic UF

Spinovo® NF


PRODUCT: Patented, advanced semi-batch RO process utilizing proprietary PLC code, process optimization software and data acquisition with dynamic adjustment. Reduce operating cost up to 90% without compromise on effluent quality or operability

Xcerro™ RO Process

CT Ceramics

PRODUCT: Pressure ceramic SiC UF. Highly hydrophilic, anionic to address organic fouling optimally. Only NSF419-certified SiC for US drinking water. Enables increased production and PFAS removal (add carbon to feed) in existing UF equipment

CrossTek Traction in each Business Unit

Bioinspired Coatings for Industrial Zero Water Waste

  1. 1000’s of uncoated polymeric membrane elements sold to date by Crosstek over 5 years (rolled by M+H)
  2. zUF has 100’s of membranes installed in US to date and new customer acquisition underway
  3. Successful piloting of zUF and zNF in China for the past year, currently undertaking launch efforts
  4. All new projects using spiral wound membranes will use either coated or uncoated Crosstek internal products


Advanced self-assembled, nanotechnology coatings with huge, disruptive potential for advanced separations and other interfacial chemistry applications

Current Product

Coated hydrophilic UFand NF (future RO) membranes in spiral and disc formats

Market Potential

Applicable to water, wastewater, process fluids, molecular separations, etc. with revenue potential > $150M/yr

intelligent RO software for zero water

  1. Greater than 90% opex savings with no impact on system capex shown in dairy wastewater pilot. Anticipate at least two sales in ESG space in the next two quarters
  2. Executing 1MGD and 0.2MGD MBR + Xcerro RO projects in Texas and North Carolina for wastewater reuse. Xcerro has superior water recovery. Secured SaaS recurring and membrane replacement sales under warranties


Most advanced semi-batch NF/RO optimization tool implemented via adaptive control and monitoring software packages. Enables higher water recovery, improved reliability, reduced chemicals and power. Global patents.

Current Product

Multilevel software subscriptions offered for retrofit and greenfield NF/RO systems

Market Potential

Technology expected to dominate retrofit and greenfield projects. Global revenue potential > $150M/yr

CT Ceramics:
future of mainstream RO pre-treatment

  1. Retrofit of hollow fibers in industrial MBR with ceramic flat sheet membranes. Running flawlessly for 18 months
  2. Texas and North Carolina MBR contracts contain ceramic flat sheet membranes as part of unique solution
  3. On-going 13-month pilot trial for pressurized ceramic membrane for drinking water treatment shows 1.4X higher flux compared to competitive ceramic and 4.2X higher flux than competitive polymeric membrane


Advanced ceramic materials with novel module design to produce best in class ceramic membrane technology

Current Product

Pressurized and flat sheet membranes (initially licensed third party products). Coveted US drinking water certification (NSF419) achieved 2022

Market Potential

Water & wastewater applications in drinking water and wastewater reuse alone have revenue potential > $100M/yr


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