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Since its beginnings in 2016 Crosstek’s membrane products evolved to a leading offering for industrial ESG, enabling customers to implement water reuse and displace freshwater intake, with higher reliability and ultimately, lower total cost of ownership for the plant operator.


PRODUCTS: zNano super-hydrophilic zUF and same coating applied to proven AquaZoom and Spinovo NF & RO membranes in spiral and disc formats. 5 commercial products, 9 issued patents.

AquaZoom® RO Modules

AquaZoom® Disc Tube RO

AquaZoom® Spacer Tube
RO Membrane

AquaZoom® ST Lite
RO Membrane

Ultressa® zUF
Hydrophilic UF

Spinovo® NF


PRODUCT: Patented, advanced semi-batch RO process utilizing proprietary PLC code, process optimization software and data acquisition with dynamic adjustment. Reduce operating cost up to 90% without compromise on effluent quality or operability

Xcerro™ RO Process

CT Ceramics

PRODUCT: Pressure ceramic SiC UF. Highly hydrophilic, anionic to address organic fouling optimally. Only NSF419-certified SiC for US drinking water. Enables increased production and PFAS removal (add carbon to feed) in existing UF equipment


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