Our Solutions

Ultressa® UF Modules

Ultressa® Ceramic
Flat Sheet Membranes

Ultressa® Crossflow
Hydrophilic UF

UF for Ultressabio® Crossflow
Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)

AquaZoom® RO Modules

AquaZoom® Disc Tube RO

AquaZoom® Spacer Tube
RO Membrane

AquaZoom® Spinovo
RO Membrane

System Solutions

Fuzion™ System Control and
Monitoring Software

Xcerro™ RO Process

Wastewater Reuse: Integration & Tailoring

Water Production: Integration and Tailoring

Influent Conditions
for CrossTek Membranes

There are nuances in all water and wastewater treatment solutions, but we have tried to simplify our offerings to enable you to find what you need easily by presenting our product capabilities graphically in this page. The goal is to find a potential fit, then contact us to discuss the opportunity in more detail.


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