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Ultressa: Crossflow Hydrophilic UF

Either hydrophilic ceramic or hydrophilic polymer

Hydrophilic polymer for 4 < pH < 10, temperatures < 45oC / 113oF

Ceramic membrane for oxidants, extreme pH & temp, solvents

High and stable production rates

High cleaning reliability

Ideal for high O&G and high COD wastewater



UltressaBio: Crossflow Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)

High flux and stable production rates

Two design concepts: (1) low capex or (2) low energy

Pressure filtration is more flexible than vacuum: higher MLSS/flux

Higher MLSS allowed (> 20 g/l) higher SRT less excess sludge

Biomass sheared small size, highly active improved F:M ratio

Skid packages flexible design to fit customer footprint

Smaller footprint than vacuum systems



AquaZoom: Disc Tube, Spacer Tube NF/RO technology

High pressure (75, 90 to 120 bar, 1305 to 1740 psi)

High Recovery (90-95% water recovery)

Tolerant of suspended solids and organics

Differentiated from traditional NF/RO technology



Integration and Tailoring

Influent Conditions for CrossTek Membranes


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